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Dream Number Next - Silver Panther

Silver Panther, cross-stitch
 One more of my dreams is done - Silver Panther from group of  pictures named Night Savannah by the company which name translated from Russian language as a "Golden Fleece".

By the way, the name of the football team that unite two states - North and South Carolina - is Carolina Panthers.

I've been to some games here in Winston-Salem's Coliseum. There were different teams, but it doesn't really
 matter. Those were an impressive shows! Much better than watch on TV. I have some  photos in my Instagram and even some videos from several sport events that I've been to, including basketball and European football that is more traditional for Russia, they call it soccer here.

But let's go back to the panther.

Cross-stitch picture framing
While I was trying to find a suitable frame for my silver beauty, I stepped into a store for crafters Hobby-Lobby. Unfortunately, the frame I choose was too expensive for my budget. I couldn't find ready to use frame in Wallmart that would be in proper size.

Wonderful and inexpensive finding was waiting for me in the Jo-Ann's Fabrics and Crafts store close to my home.
It seems like that was for drawing with a chalk or crayons. But my panther was lucky to have it as background and a frame at the same time.

Now the picture is looking for a new home. If you want to buy it, you are very welcome to my Instagram.
Auction will last from December 19 to December 26, 2016.
Start price is $150
Put your price in Instagram

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